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We help sustainable businesses thrive

JIGSAW associates exists to help businesses transform their performance to achieve sustainable growth and improved profitability.

Breakthrough innovations, clear societal need, and increasing demand for solutions that are better for people and the planet are driving the next generation of products & services.

Yet too many of these great ideas, products and platforms have not achieved the scale to realize their potential.

Holistic approach for tangible results

If your business is at the idea phase, or you are pursuing the next growth stage, achieving greater scale is always complex – requiring many different pieces coming together. 

Leveraging our global, cross-functional expertise gained in multiple industries and companies, JIGSAW associates can help put the growth enabler in place.    

Our hands-on approach builds holistic propositions that will help your business be seen,  remembered, desired and chosen by more people.  All fueled by stronger business operations & financial health.   

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How can we help?

Partnering with JIGSAW associates means partnering directly with the founders.

    Growth Strategy and Transformation

    We can improve every aspect of your operation, providing commercial results from Board Level to shop floor.  Whether an entire organization needs a refreshing and independent approach, or individual projects require focus, JIGSAW associates identifies and implements real solutions for sustainable growth. Our strength is in thinking outside of the box and providing practical support and impact, backed up by best-in-class industry experience.

    Commercialization, Supply Chain and Quality

    With real world experience, JIGSAW Associates understands the importance of competitive advantage, continual quality improvement, and the need to drive commercial results.  Our focus is on cost base, as well as yield, to ensure businesses can maximize their profitability. We believe in a holistic, value-based approach in any supply chain, to ensure optimal total cost of ownership, and will implement both tactical and strategic initiatives to realize true EBITDA and impact.


    Expanding reach to new customers can be the accelerator your business needs. With wide industry expertise & in-market global experience, JIGSAW associates brings in depth knowledge to understand and evaluate market expansion opportunities. We can provide market-entry recommendations – including direct exportation, partnerships, licensing and acquisitions. With a stronger understanding of market potential, competitive landscape, and routes-to-market, you can make expansion decisions that maximize resources and business gains.


    All business-to-business and direct-to-consumer brands grow by becoming easier to remember and easier to find when customers make purchase decisions. The challenge is for your brand to cut through all the multiple messages & noise your customers see and hear, with a clear, distinct, and compelling articulation of your product or service. With a proven approach that has launched successful new businesses and invigorated some of the world’s most iconic brands, JIGSAW associates helps build comprehensive marketing strategies & action plans that ensures your targets receive the right message at the right time.